Best top smart doorbell supports electronic door lock integration

Smart doorbell with HD camera and RFID electronic lock integration

Smart doorbell brings you peace of mind and makes your life more convenient. Unifore SD-M3 is a smart doorbell comes with a HD camera, users are able to answer door anywhere anytime. Moreover, the product has built-in RFID tag reader to support electronic lock integration. Unlike Ring doorbell only supports paid cloud storage, the product supports max. 128GB on-board video storage, can record 24 hours. Moreover, it has built-in PIR motion sensor, it only sends alert when human motion detection occurs, this overcomes conventional video-based motion detection that inevitably cause cumbersome of false alarm generated by un-human object.


Apart from smart doorbell function, Unifore SD-M3 has built-in RFID tag reader can accept max. 5000 pieces RFID tags. It has relay output can seamlessly interoperate with conventional electronic locks in market. Simply swiping RFID tags, you’re able to unlock the door. Moreover, you’re able to unlock through smartphone app wherever you’re. When buying SD-M3, the package includes five user RFID tags and one RFID tag for adding/enrolling new tags, extra one RFID tag for deleting tags, so you will have totally 7 pieces of RFID tags which are sufficient for home owners. Lastly, you can wire a door exit switch to the produce, inside people can press the door exit switch to open/unlock door instantly. 


SD-M3 smart doorbell lets you answer door anywhere, you will be notified by instant push notification when doorbell button is pressed. The smart doorbell employs megapixel camera, the video resolution is 1280x720p/HD, is crystal clear. The camera sees clearly in the day time and at night with help of Infrared illumination. You’re able to watch live stream and see who is the visitor or even talk with people remotely no matter wherever you’re. SD-M3 also works with wireless chime receiver, this ensures you will hear “Dingdong” ring sound inside your house. The product is one of best selling smart gadget in 2018, most of users are satisfied with the product features and high quality, leaves a positive review and feedback for this item.

smart doorbell works with electronic lock


In addition to convenience it provides, the SD-M3 has built-in PIR motion sensor, it can safeguard a space where distance coverage is up to 10 meters, angle coverage is up to 100 degree. This feature helps you to deter intruders effectively. When unwanted people walk around the monitored area, alarm will be triggered. Home owners will be notified by push notification, meanwhile camera will start to record video. Unlike other smart doorbell products, SD-M3 accepts maximum 128GB memory card for video recording, it complies ONVIF and RTSP stream protocol. The smart doorbell can work with network video recorders or network attached storage or paid/free video management software.


SD-M3 is a modern design professional smart doorbell, it adopts IP55 rated weatherproof design. The product includes rain shield to ensuring water will not enter into product to prevent damage. It also adopts anti-theft design, once it’s installed, it’s very difficult to uninstall it, users are not afraid of the product will be stolen. It has tamper protection design, alarm will be triggered in case product is opened or smashed. Intending to simplify installation, Unifore SD-M3 supports both Wi-Fi wireless and Ethernet connection.  When choosing Wi-Fi wireless connection, you can quickly install it without running an Ethernet cable. On the contrary, users also can choose wired connection by running an Ethernet cable between smart doorbell and the router. Since the doorbell support PoE (power over ethernet), the product works instantly after plug Ethernet cable, no extra power cable wiring is required. 

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