2019's best wire-free battery perimeter alarm system

Solar powered outdoor photoelectric beam

Best way to safeguard outdoor area

If you ask me what products are suitable for protection of outdoor area, I would like to recommend you our solar powered photoelectric beam sensor. Our solar-powered photoelectric beam sensor consists of one transmitter and one receiver. It creates invisible Infrared beam when they work. Object like people or vehicles cross the beam will interrupt Infrared transmission, using this technology it can accurately detect moving object. Photoelectric beam sensor creates invisible fence barrier around the perimeter of building/area, fence range distance reaches up to 100 meters, it covers medium and large area, it's the most widely used method to safeguard commercial buildings.

Photoelectric beams protect agriculture farms
Photoelectric Beam Detectors Protect Farms

Advantages of perimeter alarm system

Unlike general home security system, perimeter alarm system operates outside of your property. The system includes outdoor security sensors to safeguard the entire area of yor house, a center host supports alarm communication. Perimeter sensors typically are deployed each boundaries of building. Hence it can alert you before crime is committed. Comparing home security system, there is no need to install sensors inside your interior rooms, no need to wiring cables or drill holes, not afraid of ruining decoration of your house.

Completely wire-free battery powered system

Unifore offers you solar-powered photoelectric beam sensors working with wireless alarm system to be an advanced wire-free perimeter alarm system. The photoelectric beam sensor adopts solar panel design, it has built-in high quality rechargeable battery, no matter day or night the sensor operates continuously, the solar panel helps battery to get recharged in the day time, the battery provides power at night. Since adopting low power consumption design, the sensor works under 15 days continuous cloudy days. The photoelectric beam sensor is not only powered by solar panel, it also has built-in wireless communication module which is responsible to transmit alarm signal out. So, it provides a completely wire-free/wireless system that eliminates costly wiring, simplifies installation.

Download and read the document/PDF file: Solar Powered Photoelectric Beam

Perimeter photoelectric beam vs security cameras

Both photoelectric beam and security cameras are widely used for perimeter protection and monitoring. In most cast, they are installed at the same time to protect critical infrastructure. If you have sufficient budget, you should use both of them. There is no conflict between them, each system owns different advantages can compensate each other on functionality. Overall we prefer and recommend photoelectric beam because it provides reliable and accurate motion detection. The product only triggers motion detection alarm, when an object cross the IR barrier. Though security camera also provides motion detection, it's based on pixel analysis technology which is prone to false alarm caused by flying birds, wind blowing, tree branches/grass swaying, a spider or other insects

2019 the smartest perimeter alarm system

Unifore solar-powered perimeter alarm system includes a powerful advanced alarm panel/host. The alarm panel supports both Wi-Fi/Internet and cellular connection. You're able to control system via phone call/text message/app. It's a hybrid system includes 24 programmable wireless zone and 4 hardwired zone, you're able to expand the system by adding diversity security sensors. The system provides totally three different alarm pathways including auto dialing phone call, SMS, push notification alert. The redundant design ensures you will be notified instantly in event of alarm. The system can preset five phone numbers to receive alarm notification for self-monitoring solution, it also is compatible with Contact ID protocol for paid monitoring service solution.

Wire-free battery powered perimeter alarm system